You’re far from the green and need a good club to get your ball exactly where you need it to go. Most golfers will reach into their bag of golf clubs to pull out a good driver to give them an extra boost on the yardage they can gain. The TaylorMade Jetspeed driver is a favorite for amateur and professional golfers alike because of the unique features that increase your distance with higher-launching hits and overall ease.

We’ll take a look at a few Jetspeed driver reviews to help determine if this is a new must-have club for your golf bag.

What makes a good driver?

TaylorMade Men's JetSpeed Golf Driver

Experienced golfers know that a good driver can make the difference between a mediocre score and an excellent game. Drivers typically have the largest surface area on the clubhead of any of the clubs in your golf bag, usually around 460 cubic centimeters, so that it is a more forgiving club. However, more advanced players may prefer a slightly smaller clubhead because it does make it easier to work with the ball and to make more accurate shots.

A good driver is typically slightly longer than usual shaft made of a lightweight material, usually graphite. If the club is a lighter weight, it allows for a faster swing and harder hit to increase your distance and get you a little closer to the green.

Another feature that promotes a product into a “better” or “best” category instead of being relegated into the “good” category would be to decrease the amount of spin on the ball. This can usually be done by lowering the center of gravity for the club, making your hits go farther.

TaylorMade Jetspeed Driver

The TaylorMade Jetspeed driver is designed to help amateur to experienced golfers gain more distance on their hits with its unique features. One of the most impressive features is the way the club is designed to create a more forward center of gravity. While this often means that players will need to increase their loft to get higher hits, the Jetspeed driver has the means to accommodate this. Adjustments can be made up to 1.5 degrees either up or down from the printed loft in half degree increments.

Furthermore, this product also has a large club head (the maximum size possible) to give you a greater level of forgiveness in your hits. The larger surface area helps you to maximize your hits, even when they’re slightly off center.

Many Jetspeed driver reviews mention the use of TaylorMade’s new technology, their Speed Pocket. A common mishit for golfers is to connect too low on the clubface, but the Speed Pocket technology aims to decrease the negative effects. It works to greatly reduce spin speed and improve the distance that you are able to get out of each hit.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Every club has its advantages. The TaylorMade Jetspeed driver definitely meets the criteria to be a great addition to your set of clubs. It helps to increase your distance, reduce your spin and lower your center of gravity, while still maintaining all of the additional features that a good driver always has.

Its longer length and lightweight graphite shaft help your swing speed to increase. The 460 cubic centimeter clubhead grants more forgiveness with each hit than other clubs may be able to offer, while minimizing off-center hits with a larger sweet spot and the adjustable loft to tailor it to your personal needs.

However, it also has a few drawbacks that might make it less than ideal for you. The TaylorMade Jetspeed driver might not be a great addition to your set if you are already a fast swinger. The lighter weight shaft may be unnecessary for you.

The bigger disadvantage of this driver is the price. Depending on which flex you’re interested in, along with the configuration you select, you could be looking at a price anywhere between $100 and $150. This is definitely not the most expensive option out there, and you do receive great performance for the price. Overall, it is a good value but could be a steeper investment than a lower quality driver.


Overall, the TaylorMade Jetspeed driver has a lot to offer to both new golfers and more seasoned players. Jetspeed driver reviews would give it a high score of 4.5 out of 5 possible stars. The quality of the club as well as the functional design and features have a lot to offer players who are looking for the best value.