Big Bertha Driver Review

With a name like “Big Bertha,” you can imagine the size of this club. Deemed a “technological breakthrough,” the Big Bertha is a driver that was created to increase the driving distance for all golfers, regardless of skill or experience level. This Big Bertha Driver review will help you get a better understanding of what an impressive club this is. You might just run out and get one!


There are many different requirements that make a golf driver a really good driver. One user commented on a Big Bertha Driver review that although the solid-contact hits were better on another driver, even the mis-hits on the Big Bertha were awesome, which is what sold them on the product.

You see it’s really easy to have a mis-hit with a driver. It’s interesting, because the club heads are usually much bigger than that of an iron. Still, this is misleading because people assume that the sweet spot of a driver is the whole face. This is certainly not the case. A good driver has to have a big sweet spot, a good head speed, a great comfort level, and let’s be honest – looks matter.

Product Overview

Product Overview

The Big Bertha has a slew of highly technological additions that leave competitors in the dust. First and foremost is the Next Gen RMOTO Technology of the head. This technology leads the club to have a thinner face which means a higher ball speed and farther driver, even on off-centered hits. This is what the Big Bertha Driver review comment mentioned above.

The driver is built from a variety of materials, making it weigh the right amount in all the right places. As a result, the driver is incredibly aerodynamic, increasing it’s head speed and giving you a faster, more powerful swing.

A really interesting feature of the Big Bertha is an adjustable weight on the club head. This weight can be adjusted to add stability to your shots and make it totally 100% your swing. You may have a different drive than the next person, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You can get the most out of whatever you’re working with thanks to this adjustable weight!


As you can see, there are a ton of upsides to this club. You have great power, distance, control, AND customization. Plus, the Big Bertha has a pretty sleek design that is sure to impress your fellow golfers. With the Big Bertha, your drives will be farther and more accurate, no matter where you hit it on the club.

Thanks to the adjustable slider, you can make sure that the club is the perfect fit for you and your groove. This means that as you continue to improve, you can continue to adjust your driver to get the maximum output from it. The club is very durable, which means you’ll be able to keep it for a long time and adjust it as you go.


To be honest, it’s tough to find really find any downsides to this club. It isn’t exactly the sleekest, most attractive club. Its simple visual design may be interpreted by some as boring or dull. But for the most part its more about function than about design and the design is only really a flaw because we’re actively looking for a flaw.

Something that should definitely be considered, however, is the price. It retails around $400, so it’s not something a beginner should be looking into. It’s for somebody who knows they’re interested in playing golf often and want to perform better.

One user posted a Big Bertha driver review saying that they didn’t like the sound of the driver and that it had a “dead” sound to it. However, that review is overwhelmed but over a hundred positive ones so its hard to really take much merit to it.


Overall, we think it’s pretty obvious that the Big Bertha is an excellent driver. It’s price is a little bit steep, but it’s clearly worth the money if you’re trying to have farther, more consistent drives.

Since your drive can be the first shot of your game, you want to make sure it’s as best you can be. Often times, you get “first hole jitters” and mis-hit the very first ball. This can set the tone for the rest of the day, and it’s not a tone that you want. With the Big Bertha, we think you’ll set a great tone that will be carried with every drive you take with it. Look for it online or in stores and watch how much better your shots get!