Ever wondered why that #7 iron to the green last week was 13 yards short even though the breeze was quiet and the swing was solid? Maybe the yardage marker on the fairway was off. Among the benefits of using a laser rangefinder is the certainty that wrongly marked yardage signs will never cost a stroke again. Faster play is another benefit since getting the distance to the flagstick is as simple as pointing and shooting. I prefer to spend my money on greens fees rather than expensive equipment which is why I created this guide about the best rangefinder for the money. More golf and lower scores is the target for which I am shooting.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Golfers describe the TecTecTec VPRO500 as affordable, accurate and easy to use. The measuring range is 540 yards with +/-1 yard accuracy. One of the key features for this model is the ease of finding yardages for course features other than flagsticks. Getting the distance for that looming water hazard, bunker or edge of the green is just as easy as getting the distance to the pin. The 6x magnification helps you find the flagstick or other features easily plus the 6x magnification is more than you can find on other, more expensive models. Small and weighing 11.2 oz , the VPRO500 is a popular choice among players.

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder (US Version)

Nikon has produced the world’s finest optics for decades and have been well regarded for their pro grade camera lenses. The COOLSHOT 20 employs that legendary Nikon optical technology in a compact and very lightweight rangefinder with additional noteworthy features. The 8 second continuous scan mode allows players to quickly get distances for a number of features near the target area. 6x magnification assists in locating your target and the First Target Priority technology identifies the yardage for the closest targeted object among a group which helps find the pin among nearby trees.

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Laser Rangefinder (Hunting : Golf Rangefinder)

Golf products can sometimes have prices higher than needed simply because of the economic demographic of golfers. Other sports use rangefinders so why not adapt those to use in golf? The Halo XRT is originally produced for hunters but aren’t golfers just hunters of birdies and eagles? This rangefinder does the job with a 500 yard range, 6x magnification and +/- 1 yard accuracy while avoiding the “golf product” extra mark ups to join the list of the best rangefinders for the money. With this rangefinder, players have to adjust the zoom with the eyepiece and may have to shoot the target another time to confirm the distance.

Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder

Laser Link Red Hot 2 Rangefinder

The ease of use for the Red Hot 2 makes this rangefinder worth considering. The simple point and shoot targeting with the Red Dot system means your eye can be away from the lens and you can keep on your hat and sunglasses. The rubberized pistol grip is easy to hold and the 9 volt battery means you can avoid the hassle of recharging after every use. Yardage confirmation is available in three modes: audio, silent display or vibrate. Finally, the Red Hot 2 has the longest range of any on this list with the ability to find targets at 1000 yards away.

Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V4 Rangefinder

The list is incomplete without just one mention of at least one high end rangefinder. The new Tour V4 has numerous features to improve your play. 97% of PGA Tour Professionals use Bushnell rangefinders so why not take a tip from the pros? Accuracy is easily the most important feature and the new Tour V4 model is accurate to within one yard. Finding the flagstick can occasionally be challenging with a rangefinder and the Tour V4 simplifies the task with 5x magnification and JOLT technology. When the flagstick is locked on to the rangefinder viewer, the rangefinder vibrates with a series of jolts signaling that the pin has been measured. The Tour V4 is lightweight and easy to handle coming in at only 6.6 ounces and 30% more compact than the previous model.


Getting the right yardages to avoid the hazards, out of bounds and trees on the dog leg corners improves pace of play. More importantly, correct yardages promote effective club selection and course management for lower scores. More golf with lower scores... Finding that range is possible without buying expensive equipment with needless features but instead getting the best rangefinder for the money. And may you find more fairways and greens.